How to Save Time & Money Using Grocery Delivery Services

If you’re someone who always has clean dishes, closets organized and laundry washed/folded, please 1) never tell me about it and 2) come over and HELP. I am always overwhelmed by how to keep the house running while simultaneously giving everyone the attention they deserve, but thanks to grocery delivery services, I have spent the last three years saving time and money.

My husband and I moved to downtown Seattle, WA from Texas 3 years ago and I had to figure out a way to cut costs to afford our expensive new town. Believe it or not, I found a way to spend $60/week on all of our groceries by using Amazon Fresh. We home cooked every meal and had plenty of fresh snacks for the week. (Not to mention my husband’s diet coke addiction..)


  1. Use Meal Planning Apps: I have used both the GatheredTable and eMeals app to plan meals and order groceries. These are both pay-for apps that have
    1. GatheredTable: This app allows you to clip recipes you like and drag them into a calendar. Once you’ve picked all your recipes in the calendar, you just click “view groceries” and *BAM* grocery list. Enter this directly into Amazon Fresh and you’re good to go. On the day you get home, the calendar shows your meal you’ve planned and instructions on how to prepare. Its super easy and great for busy families. This is my preferred app! Below is an actual week of my recipes in the GatheredTable app.repices_gt
    2. eMeals: eMeals is great because it gives you fresh suggestions each week for meals to cook. Once you’ve selected the meals you’d like to make, it actually directly integrates with Amazon Fresh, so you can immediately start ordering your groceries without going back and forth.
  2. Make Themed Meal Weeks: Fiesta Week! I have always strategically planned our meals so that ingredient wouldn’t be wasted. If we had tacos one night, we were having enchiladas another night. I used every bit of the tortillas and cheese that I could. I would also use any leftover tortillas to make pinwheel sandwiches or wraps for lunch.
  3. Stick to your Budget: If you decide on a weekly budget, you have full control and visibility of sticking to your budget this process. If you’ve added everything to your cart and you’ve gone over budget, change your meal plan for that week. Ditch the steak-frites for baked potatoes.
  4. Pick a Delivery Day: It’s easiest to stick to this plan if you plan to have your meals delivered one day a week. Mine are delivered on Fridays. I always know to have everything planned/ordered by Tuesday/Wednesday and I just forget about it until it gets here on Friday.
  5. Have a Back-up Plan: We all get busy. Don’t feel like planning meals but still want to stick to a budget and healthy meal plan? Have a few go-to’s that you can drop into Amazon Fresh for a week you forget to plan. A few of my favorites: Taco Salad, Fajitas, and the BEST Pizza ever: Lemon, Pesto, Steak and Arugula.


Do I still love going to a store? I mean, who doesn’t love Target? But this has made things a lot simpler, cheaper and easier for my family to function. I hope this is helpful.



Disclosure: All comments are opinions and I am not sponsored by any of the companies referenced in this post.